#130- Is Recovery Possible, Giving Back After Recovery, “Am I Moral,” and Life After Miscarriage

Today is a full episode! I answer four, that’s right, FOUR listener questions. Out of order, I answer a question about what recovery looks like and if recovery is even possible. Next, I give some tips and advice to someone wondering how to give back to the OCD community and help others without having to go through a full degree program to become a therapist. I discuss a question about how to deal with an obsession about morality and whether they really care about moral issues, and if they are even moral at all. Last, I discuss a question about how to get back to life after a miscarriage that inadvertently triggered obsessions, compulsive behavior, and avoidance. I get a little off topic here and I get surprisingly caught off guard while answer this question, but I do my best to just go with it.

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