Coming to terms with your diagnosis, and should OCD stop me from being a therapist?

On today’s episode, I answer a question from someone wondering how they can come to terms and start accepting their OCD diagnosis. I think this question is particularly relevant to anyone receiving any mental health diagnosis, whether it be OCD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Phobia, Depression, or anything else under the…

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How Can I Tell If It’s HOCD or Suppressed Attraction?

On today’s episode, I answer a question about how someone can tell the difference between suppressed attraction or whether the feelings they have are the result of HOCD? Along with this question, the listener wants to know how they can deal with (well, they actually want to suppress) the compulsions…

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To Share Bible Verses, and When HOCD Doesn’t Conflict With Gay Porn

So, you read the title correctly. This is a real mixture of an episode. On this, the 50th episode, I answer a question about whether a mother of a man with Religious Scrupulosity should continue sending him bible verses as encouragmeent, or if that’s unhelpful. Additionally, in the FearCast After…

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“Chesticular” Responses and Compulsive Suicidal Thoughts

Hey there everyone! I’m back with another episode answering your questions as they pertain to anxiety, OCD, and exposure therapy. This episode has some great questions on it, too. First, I answer a question about atypical sensations and whether they still OCD if they are something else. I also answer…

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Winter Is Coming, and Gaslighting OCD

Winter is coming FearCast Podcast

This delightful episode discusses the obvious; winter is coming! No, this is not a Game of Thrones reference. It is, however a way we can ease off our responsibility to get certainty RIGHT NOW about whatever we are anxious about. I also answer a listener’s question about questioning whether they…

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ERP- Anxiety Doing The Thing and Avoiding The Thing

Choices in ERP

Episode 30, yah, this one, deals with a listener’s struggle deciding whether it’s the right exposure to do what they’re afraid of, or whether it’s a better exposure to not do the thing. They’re stuck! Its a great question, and an obstacle that some come across while doing ERP. As…

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