#126- Rumination Focused CBT For OCD with Dr. Michael Greenberg, pt II

Dr. Michael Greenberg joins me again to continue our discussion of his Rumination Focused CBT treatment method for OCD! Additionally, he was kind enough to answer a few listener questions about his methodology. We discuss Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) from his approach, including in-vivo and imaginal exposures, and how to begin facing your fears and thoughts in a meaningful and direct way.

If you have further questions for Dr. Greenberg, please send me the questions here, or send me a message through Instagram and I will be sure to have Dr. Greenberg on again.

On the episode he mentions the following article on rumination. Please also see the rest of his website for updated articles and information on his approach.

Malan’s Model of OCD

Three Types of OCD Cases: Integrating Malan’s Model of OCD with the Core Fear Model

Anatomical Models of Rumination

Causal Justifications

Defining and Demarcating Compulsion

RF-ERP Order of Operations

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