Intrusive Thoughts At Church, and The HOCD/ROCD Venn Diagram

This episode is packed with some great questions! First, I answer a question about dealing with sexually explicit thoughts at church! After that, I talk about the relationship between ROCD and HOCD, or as I call it, the ROCD/ HOCD Venn Diagram. They are kinda like salt and pepper. Yes,…

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HOCD is a Libido Killer and Trouble Making Decisions

I hope everyone is doing well during the Pandemic and is staying happy and healthy! I’m back with another episode of the FearCast! On this episode, I open by talking about the struggle people are having with the stay-at-home orders and the resulting sense of Cabin Fever! I also answer…

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Stuck in the Pandemic and Stuck in HOCD Obsessions

We’re all in it. We’re all stuck here in the Pandemic and trying our best to keep our thoughts, morale, and emotions from getting the best of us. In this episode I talk about giving ourselves grace when we feel anxious, and when we may start to feel apathy. I…

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Winter Is Coming, and Gaslighting OCD

Winter is coming FearCast Podcast

This delightful episode discusses the obvious; winter is coming! No, this is not a Game of Thrones reference. It is, however a way we can ease off our responsibility to get certainty RIGHT NOW about whatever we are anxious about. I also answer a listener’s question about questioning whether they…

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ERP- Anxiety Doing The Thing and Avoiding The Thing

Choices in ERP

Episode 30, yah, this one, deals with a listener’s struggle deciding whether it’s the right exposure to do what they’re afraid of, or whether it’s a better exposure to not do the thing. They’re stuck! Its a great question, and an obstacle that some come across while doing ERP. As…

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Listener Question- Groinal Sensations and HOCD

Groinal Sensations HOCD

This episode features a listener question! That said, this episode is intended for adult listeners due to some adult content. We’ll discuss how to deal with two compulsions of HOCD; checking groinal sensations and watching pornography. For more information about HOCD, or Sexual Orientation OCD, please listen to the previous…

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