#117- Turning Shame Into Guilt and Obligated To Pray?

This will be a short episode thanks to a scratchy and painful throat, but still a good one nonetheless. I answer two questions today. The first is from a woman struggling to remember whether she promised to pray when joining a group and now wonders if she is still obligated…

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Christmas and Religious Scrupulosity with Mitzi VanCleve

For today’s lovely yuletide episode, I was joined by Mitzi VanCleve to talk about how to manage anxiety, obsessions, and stress associated with Christmas for those suffering with Religious Scrupulosity. Mitzi has a wealth of hard-earned wisdom to offer people and it was a pleasure to finally have her on.…

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Faith and Doubt: Guest Mike Erre

Scrupulosity Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Faith and doubt anxiety

The Faith and Doubt Series has begun! This episode features a guest interview with Mike Erre. Aside from being an all around good and boisterous guy, Mike is a pastor and hosts the VOX Podcast. He was so kind to join me to discuss issues surrounding anxiety and doubt common…

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