Conspiracy Theories and Listener Questions

Conspiracy theories, OCD, and Listener Questions

Conspiracy theories are everywhere! We hear about them on the TV, from the news, from social media, and even our own brain! On this episode, we discuss our own conspiracy theories and what to do about them. I also had the pleasure of responding to several listener questions! Hold onto…

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Faith and Doubt: Guest Mike Erre

Scrupulosity Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Faith and doubt anxiety

The Faith and Doubt Series has begun! This episode features a guest interview with Mike Erre. Aside from being an all around good and boisterous guy, Mike is a pastor and hosts the VOX Podcast. He was so kind to join me to discuss issues surrounding anxiety and doubt common…

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Listener Question- Groinal Sensations and HOCD

Groinal Sensations HOCD

This episode features a listener question! That said, this episode is intended for adult listeners due to some adult content. We’ll discuss how to deal with two compulsions of HOCD; checking groinal sensations and watching pornography. For more information about HOCD, or Sexual Orientation OCD, please listen to the previous…

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Sensorimotor/ Hyperawareness

Are you way too focused on your breathing, blinking, or heartbeat? Are you constantly distracted by screeching tires or little particles in the air? If so, you may be suffering from Sensorimotor or Hyperawareness OCD. In this episode, I answer a listener question about being distracted by innocuous stuff inside…

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