#143- ROCD, Fixating On A Partner’s Specific Body Part, Or Simple Attraction?

On Today’s episode, I get another audio question about ROCD. The questioner shares that they are starting to think they have ROCD because of their fixation over their partner’s hair and that it is different than their typical attraction patterns. So, is he experiencing ROCD, or does he just have a type and should continue searching for the perfect partner?


  1. Kevin,
    The guy in this episode sounds like he is in a high demand religion, and I was kind of concerned that the “curly versus straight hair“ was a stand in
    for a bigger difference, such as heterosexuality versus homosexuality. Did this occur to you? Would it have changed your response?
    Thanks, Susan

    • Hi Susan,

      I did not hear anything in the call that would lead me to think that the hair obsession was coded to reflect the questioner’s sexuality. Generally, I’ll take the content of a question at face value unless something really captures my attention. Looking for hidden meanings in questions is not a rabbit hole I want to start crawling down.

      However, if the question did raise red flags that the question was coded for sexuality, I may have had a different response in the details. That said, if the question was truly coded for an obsessive sexuality rumination (i.e. SO-0CD), my response would still be in line with CBT, ERP, and ACT related treatment.

      What did you hear that made you think it was about sexuality?

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