What If Love Isn’t A Choice, Partners Who Don’t Understand OCD, and Convincing Compulsions

On this week’s episode, I answer three questions! The first is from someone who’s partner says that love isn’t a choice, and that their partner with ROCD should leave unless they have constant strong feelings. Next, I answer a listener’s questions about breaking up a relationship because of the guilt they feel about having ROCD related obsessions. Lastly, I follow up with someone who previously asked a POCD question, but their compulsions have shifted into needing to explain why it’s wrong to be a pedophile!

I mention in the episode that I’d love to get questions from people with Harm, Contamination, Just-Right, and Order/ Symmetry obsessions. There have been very few of them historically, so I’m calling on listeners to share their questions to mix up the episode topics!

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