Inference Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Carl Robbins

On this episode, I was joined by Carl Robbins, LCPC, to discuss Inference Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or IBT. Mr Robbins was kind enough to share his expertise and passion about this fascinating approach for those with OCD and related disorders.

Inference based CBT is a treatment method for OCD that emphasizes the role of reasoning in the development and maintenance of ocd. Treatment is based on the idea that obsessions are doubts that arise due to reasoning errors leading to confusion between obsessional fantasy and reality. Inference Based CBT aims to correct the faulty thinking while resolving core insecurities at the root of the obsessional themes.

To learn more about Inference-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, please visit

Carl Robbins can be found at his practice here at the Anxiety and Stress Institute of Maryland.

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