Understanding and Navigating Mental Compulsions with Lauren Rosen, MFT, Kelley Franke, MFT, Elena Fasan, LCSW, and Kevin Foss, MFT

This past weekend, I spoke with the Lauren Rosen, MFT, Kelley Franke, MFT, and Elena Fasan, LCSW, at the OCD SoCal 6th annual conference on the topic of mental compulsions. As usual, I had a great time presenting this rag-tag group of brilliant people, and hopefully our talk was helpful to a few people.

You can log in and watch our talk along with a ton of other fantastic presentations from a long list of well know, knowledgeable thought and clinical leaders in the field by going to www.OCDSoCal.org.

As a fun aside, if you listen carefully, I completely botch Lauren’s name in the intro by giving her maiden name rather than her married name (Lauren Rosen), so if you are listening to and reading this Lauren… you know I’m the worst and this is just clear evidence of that.

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