Harm OCD

Harm OCD is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder subtype focused on violent or harming themes. This is a common obsession for people suffering with OCD and can cause a tremendous amount of anxiety for those experiencing the thoughts and compulsions. On this episode, I discuss what Harm OCD is, why it is part of OCD, common obsessions, compulsions, and triggers, and most importantly how you can work with it.

In addition to the information about this subtype, I created two exposure examples that you can use to help craft your own exposures or to use with your therapist. The first is a guided imagery meditation (57:17) that moves you through visualizing a scene with increasing intensity and closeness, and the other is a self-harm obsession script example (1:09:30) focusing on the fear of harming oneself. Both of these examples are general and can be crafted to suite your specific needs.

If you have questions about Harm OCD or harm related obsessions for the podcast, feel free to send them here, or email me the audio at questions@fearcastpodcast.com.

For more about Harm OCD, please see my article here:

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