TOCD, Why Exposures Work, How To Make Sexual OCD worse,To Distract or Not?

Hi everyone, so I’m off on parental leave, so I have this episode of questions I recorded weeks ago! Hopefully nothing catastrophic happened in the world in the meantime thereby making all my answers incredibly insensitive or overtly offensive. But, we all live in uncertainty.

I have a good mix of questions for this episode!

(5:07)The first questions is about TOCD (Transgender OCD), what it is, and what someone can do about it.

(19:20) The next questions is about why exposures work with artificial situations and approximations of situations.

(29:45) Next, I get a very direct question about whether masturbation helps OCD. (NSFW)

(32:39) Lastly, I answer a confused listener about their therapists seeming advice to both attend to the thought and ignore the thought.

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