Faith and Doubt- Scrupulosity in Orthodox Judaism with Dr. Jedidiah Siev

I’m returning to the Faith and Doubt Series! I was lucky enough to be joined by Dr. Jedidiah Siev who publishes research and speaks on his clinical specialty of Religious Scrupulosity for Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities.

Dr. Siev covered a huge range of topics, including overall treatment for Scrupulosity, unique challenges facing the Orthodox community, specific issues effecting Jewish Scrupulosity sufferers, and ways to help loved ones find and access treatment.

I learned a ton from this interview, and it really highlighted how important it can be to work with a therapist who understands your faith tradition when seeking treatment.

As mentioned in the interview, please see the referenced research articles below.

To learn more about religious scrupulosity, or to contact Dr. Siev, visit his website at

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