Breaking their heart, what if it’s not ego-dystonic, and TERRIFIED of being gay!

After a long, unintended break, I return with an extra long episode that covers a lot of ground. As the theme lately, given the grouping of these types of questions, I answer questions about ROCD and HOCD, but I also talk about general themes of ego-dystonic vs ego- syntonic and how to deal with them when they become obsessions.

Thank you all for your patience. I have a few really exciting things on the horizon that I’ll be announcing and releasing soon, so get ready!

“I have trouble with the idea that I’m messing with her feelings, or I’m wasting her time, or leading her on, or that its not fair on her for me to be doing this” (3:51)

“Can you talk some about the doubt that comes with intrusive thoughts that are so often attached to ROCD and these other forms of OCD?” (25:54)

“I’ve never thought about it before, but I JUST DONT WANT TO BE GAY!!” (43:34)

“What if your obsession is on that: not knowing if they are ego dystonic or ego syntonic? (55:02)

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