“Chesticular” Responses and Compulsive Suicidal Thoughts

Hey there everyone! I’m back with another episode answering your questions as they pertain to anxiety, OCD, and exposure therapy. This episode has some great questions on it, too. First, I answer a question about atypical sensations and whether they still OCD if they are something else. I also answer a question about whether suicidal thoughts can be a compulsion. This second question may be triggering for some, so please use discretion when listening

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I hope everyone has been safe, happy, and healthy during these times.

As I mentioned on the episode, if you are looking for an emergency contact in your country, please find your country and the relevant phone number here:


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    Can I post a question somewhere here or elsewhere in this website on scrupulosity

    • Hi there. If you have questions related to this specific episode, feel free to add it here in the comments section. You can also send me a question through the “Submit a question” tab to send it via email.

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