Imperfection. Photo by Jonathan Hoxmark on Unsplash

I’m back at it again with a discussion on imperfection. I’ve noticed a ton of people talking about their fear of imperfection and how it keeps them in a rat race striving for perfection, or quitting out of fear and feeling overwhelmed. I’m also facing my own fears of imperfection and not editing this episode! It’s my own exposure, recorded and sent around the world via podcast!

On this episode, I talk about why we struggle for perfection, how it can take over our lives, and what we can do to challenge and overcome our urge for perfection. Also, if you’re brave, I issue a challenge to my listeners on how they can challenge their own issues with perfectionism.

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  1. Ty, for being such devoted ocd and anxiety therapist. What I love so much is that y you share your chanllanges to the listener. I feel this is what makes podcasts very different and unique .I really related to is episode since have just right OCD and perfectionism. These podcast are very easy to listen to and I can tell come from your heart . Staci ?

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