Psychodynamic Therapy and Brain Squirrels

CBT and Psychodynamic therapy

Psychodynamic therapy and brain squirrels? This episode is a real mash up of odd brain stuff and nerdy therapy talk. First, I talk about a weird and unwanted trick my dog taught herself and how we can all learn a little something from my four-legged friend. Second, I answer a listener question! My listener asks about the differences between psychodynamic treatment and CBT for OCD. I’m certain this topic won’t be for everyone, but I hope I gave enough reasons why CBT is superior for OCD. Spoiler: CBT is better for OCD and anxiety than psychodynamic treatment.

For those of you looking to learn more about helpful and unhelpful things to do in therapy, you can read this IOCDF article from Drs McKay, Abromowitz, and Storch.

Thank you for listening! The FearCast could not continue without the questions and moral support of you, the listener. I am so grateful for your contributions and participation. We made it through a year! Here’s hoping to many more years!

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