Faith and Doubt: Guest Mike Erre

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The Faith and Doubt Series has begun! This episode features a guest interview with Mike Erre. Aside from being an all around good and boisterous guy, Mike is a pastor and hosts the VOX Podcast. He was so kind to join me to discuss issues surrounding anxiety and doubt common among people Protestant Christians and he shared some wonderful insights.

In case you’re uncomfortable with the topic, this episode contains blatant discussions of faith and doubt from a Christian perspective. Future episodes will include perspectives from other faith traditions, but you have to start somewhere, right? You have been warned!

The episode also includes a listener’s question about whether OCD can create false feelings of attraction or otherwise sexual thoughts. I try to be quick about it, but I can only do so much to wrangle myself in.

Please visit the VOX Podcast to hear more from Mike Erre. If you want to learn more about the three levels of belief discussed on the show, you can read this article on Convictions, Persuasions, and Opinions level beliefs.

For more about Scrupulosity, please read this article at the California OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center.

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